Here is a trustworthy saying:
If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer,
he desires a noble task. – 1 Tim 3:1

This amazing verse changed my life.

Before God showed me this scripture, I didn’t want to be a leader in church. In fact, I REALLY didn’t want to be a leader.

I still remember when my first Lifegroup leader suggested that I might be able to lead a Lifegroup one day. I told him very frankly that I didn’t want to be a leader, and I didn’t think that I was the right person for the job.

You see, up until this point in my life I for the most part, had only seen the burden of leadership, with little of the rewards of it. I also felt the (God-given!) desire in me to be a leader was my own pride speaking, and so therefore was something that I needed to push down and reject in my heart. I was pretty messed up!

12183890_918485208246471_3419309629072154158_o (1)
Some Lifehouse HK champions!

But then I came across this scripture.

As I read, and then re-read this incredible bible verse, it felt like years of wrong thinking and misunderstanding were breaking off of me. I thought about my own leaders at Lifehouse. Ps Rod and Viv, my Lifegroup leader, and other team leaders and I realised how grateful I was for all they had done to help me grow over the last few months at church. In my head I already knew that leading was about ‘serving’ the people, but it was like my heart finally realised that it was ok to want to lead people to growth in Jesus….and actually it was more than ok, it was noble!

Leading a Lifegroup is all about helping others grow!

The KJV calls it “good work”. And it is, isn’t it? Leading is serving. Its not selfish to want to serve people. And its definitely not prideful. Like the Apostle Paul said, its a noble task!

I also really like that this verse begins by mentioning that this was a “trustworthy saying”. This means that this was something they said often. Leading is good! Its a good thing to want to be a leader if its all about serving the people! This should be something we repeat often in church.

young guys at church
Interviewing some of our funny leaders

If your heart is to serve Jesus, by serving his people, then there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a leader! In fact, I would encourage you to get a big vision of being a leader. The Greek for the words ‘sets his heart’ in this scripture literally means to “reach out for” something. Get a vision for it! Get excited to be a leader and serve Gods people. People are out there waiting for someone like you to step up into leadership and help them get closer to Jesus!

This is my favourite translator (my wife!). We may/may not have been acting out a scene from Titanic…

As God has taken me on this journey of leading in church, it has been the most rewarding thing Ive ever been a part of. I’ve seen God really change peoples lives through the power of Jesus. I’ve seen God work through me even though I feel inadequate sometimes. Im not a perfect leader, but Im growing, and God loves to use imperfect people! Together we can reach our city for Jesus.

Get a vision for this noble task and join your local church in leading people to Jesus!


english mandarin preaching
Love leading alongside other great people who have the same vision to serve others!